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    - professional and fast translation of Ukrainian documents into English -
    certification of documents:
    bureau seal, affidavit, Ukrainian notary
    - remote request for duplicates of Registry Office documents-
    - apostille -
    - courier delivery from Ukraine to England -

    Translation of documents in the UK


    Why are we confident about translation quality?

    Many private and corporate clients have experienced that we are experts in translation. We are confident in the quality of our services for the following reasons:

    • translation from Ukrainian to English is performed by specialized specialists with extensive experience;
    • each document or text is further reviewed by another specialist;
    • we create and use glossaries to combine terminology and the translation system;
    • if necessary, the text is typeset 1:1 with the source;
    • the work practices a tandem of manual translation and advanced technology.

    What is the reason for trusting us?

    If the translation of documents from Ukrainian into English is done by our specialists, you get an accurate and high-quality translation. We are one of the leading translation agencies that use modern technologies and programs in their activities, which improve the quality and increase the speed of work.

    In spite of a wide experience our translators improve their qualification. We are completely confident in the quality of the translation created, so we provide a lifetime warranty on quality. If you find any mistake, it will be corrected for free.

    We provide additional services, including notarization of documents. With this approach, we manage to keep our prices in an affordable range. In addition, when cooperating with us you get the following advantages:

    • reputation – not a single negative feedback during the period of activity, which indicates professionalism;
    • deadlines – regardless of the complexity of the task observe the deadlines, which can be from 1 hour to 3 days;
    • cost – we strive to choose the best terms of cooperation, depending on the complexity of the task.

    Geography of our translation company

    If you need a translation for your birth certificate, marriage certificate or any other document in the UK, you can always count on us. You won’t need to travel anywhere or do any complicated manipulations, all you need to do is leave an application on the website or call us. You can do everything anywhere in the UK, you only need to have access to the Internet.

    Everything happens online, including the transmission of results. This saves the most important resource – your time. You will receive a document translation that will be relevant to absolutely any government agency in Great Britain. If you need printed documents with wet seals, we can deliver the translated documents by courier from Ukraine to Britain within a week.

    translation services in the UK

    What documents do we translate into English?

    If applying to English universities is your dream, we can help you translate the documents that will help you do so. We will prepare:
    • Translation of bachelor’s and master’s degrees
    • Translation of the certificate
    • Translation of the certificate of complete secondary education
    • Translation of the report card
    • Translation of ZNO grades.
    Given the strictness of personal document checks in the UK, we can help you prepare a translation of the following documents:
    • Translation of the birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Death certificate
    • Translation of the certificate of name change.
    In order to prove your health or problems with it, you need to provide quality translation of medical documents. We can do it:
    • Translation of a medical certificate
    • Translation of a medical statement
    • Translation of a medical prescription.
    Only a properly prepared power of attorney will guarantee the absence of problems. We can prepare:
    • Translation of the power of attorney for a car
    • Translation of power of attorney of sale
    • Translation of the power of attorney for the child’s departure.

    Why is an online translation agency convenient?

    All services are moving into the online sphere, including legal translation and other translation agency services. Now there is no need to spend personal time to go to the main office, everything can be done through the Internet.

    Regardless of the region of Great Britain, you can always use our services, all you need to do is to call or leave an application on the website, and all the rest of the work will be done by our experts. We are always ready to provide online advice on matters of interest. Similarly, delivery of finished documents is done by e-mail.

    Reliability. Regardless of the complexity of the document, you will receive it on time, and we respect confidentiality.
    Professionalism. There are no novices and amateurs in the team, but only professionals who have the necessary experience and special education.
    Accessibility. Our document translation services from Ukrainian into English are available to everyone, regardless of their location.
    Speed. Complexity does not matter to our experts - you will receive all documents within 1 hour to 3 days, depending on the complexity and volume.
    The standard price for a document translation is 250 UAH. But the final price will be announced by the manager when he will evaluate the volume, complexity and the need for certification by a notary 300 UAH or the seal of the office 100 UAH.
    Passport translation:
    Translation of the certificate:
    Translation of the certificate:
    Translation of diplomas, certificates:
     from 300 UAH
     from 250 UAH
     from 300 UAH
     from 300 UAH
     from 300 UAH
    Translation of constituent documents:
    Certificate translation:
    Translation of the contract:
    Power of Attorney Translation:
    Translation of the application for departure of a child:
     from 1000 UAH
     from 250 UAH
     from 800 UAH
     from 600 UAH
     from 400 UAH

    Professional, fast and convenient

    Our translation agency offers a wide range of translation services, so each client will be able to promptly solve their problems. We work with refugees, workers and other people who live in Great Britain. If you need a certificate of criminal record, passport, diploma in English inexpensively, all you need is to call or leave an application on the website. We offer services of professional translation of documents for private and legal persons, we certify them at the notary, do, apostille and legalization.

    Translation agency aZwords is::

    • a wealth of experience;
    • professional interpreters;
    • individual approach;
    • quality work;
    • affordable prices;
    • high speed of services.

    In our work we strive to achieve tight deadlines, always focusing on the needs of each client. We can not only provide a diploma of higher education with a translation, but also make an apostille, if it is necessary to study abroad.

    You will not need to spend personal time visiting dozens of offices and instances, but only trust our experts. Regardless of the complexity of the task, everything will be done within the stipulated time. All the work shall be executed in strict compliance with the international standards. In addition we render translation of documents into German, Turkish and Polish.

    Quality and accuracy

    Each document will be handled by a professional translator, who will be double-checked by a colleague. We also use innovative solutions that significantly speed up the process. Our employees are consistently trained, attend seminars and improve their competence. Constant development makes us one of the best in the field. Translation time takes from 1 hour to 3 days, depending on the task.

    We provide online translation of documents in the UK at the best rates, and there are also special offers for regular customers. We work 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you can count on urgent legal translation. We can remotely apostille Ukrainian documents from the Registry Office.

    Answers to popular questions

    Where to order translation of documents from Ukrainian to Polish in the UK?

    If you want to use our services or have any additional questions, you only need to call or leave a request on the site.

    How much does it cost to translate documents in Great Britain?

    The standard price for a document translation starts from 160 hryvnias per document. Only our manager, after a personal evaluation of the volume and complexity, will be able to name the final price.

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