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When you need to sell a product abroad, your company faces the question of how to offer products to foreign clients in such a way that they not only like it but also want to buy it. The biggest obstacle to this goal is considered to be the language barrier since phrases written in one language are perceived by native speakers of another language in a completely different way. To avoid misunderstandings, you must correctly translate the company's web resource into another language so that the company's customers understand everything and are satisfied with the offer.
A website is the main source of information about products and a brand supplied to a market. Therefore, a poorly made translation can greatly damage your brand's reputation and discourage customers from taking an interest in the product. To avoid such a problem, please contact our professional translators!

Features of website translation and localization

A common misconception among clients who order translation services is that translation and site localization are identical concepts. In fact, the localization process is an adaptation of the portal to specific SEO and other requirements. Unlike translation, site localization is a process that is performed for individual page elements: choosing product colors, date, time, font, and other features that are not related to the text. This is necessary if the company plans to take firm root in the market and adapt its products to the needs of potential consumers.

Website translation is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires professional experience and a specific approach to translating narrow-profile terminology. Since it is almost impossible to know the concepts and terms of each area, our specialists prepare a preliminary glossary and coordinate it with the customer. After approval, the main work begins, aimed not only at translating the main page, but also at translating applications, if any. In general, the work is performed using this algorithm:

  • placing your order, specifying details of the work, announcing a preliminary cost of the work and a deadline for the completion of the finished project.
  • Compiling a preliminary glossary and approving by the customer.
  • Collecting necessary semantics used in the thematic area of the site and company.

A separate advantage of our specialists' work is the ability to conduct SEO optimization and promotion of the site for Russian speaking countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. As practice shows, SEO optimization and promotion of the site in Russian is particularly popular now, since Russian is a universal and modern language used by people from countries of former the Soviet Union, so fitting the portal in this language will be a good means of promoting products forward.

How to order website translation

By contacting our company, you will get a full range of services necessary for competent translation and localization of the company's portal, as well as for a strong rooting in the market. Our main range of services includes the following:

  • Translation in text format Word, Txt.
  • Translation in Html, Csv format.
  • Translation with tags.
  • Mobile application translation.

Customers often wonder why site localization and high-quality translation are so important. The answer is simple and clear: localization of a particular portal into another language requires not only high-quality and multi-faceted translation of the existing text but also an adaptation of certain graphic aspects to the cultural and traditional features of the markets that products are aimed at, as well as to the worldview and mentality of future consumers.
In fact, there are very few high-quality websites translated into different languages. As a rule, these are large companies with a good reputation, working on the international market, who know the original languages well and understand a narrow topic. Localization is usually a translation from one language to another, however, this process requires copywriters, graphic editors, advertising specialists, and other employees who are able to plan content for different web pages correctly.
As a result, the client receives a site that is translated into the desired language and is adapted to the requirements of the CEO and the needs of the target audience. We are ready to translate texts into Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, or English while ensuring the proper quality and skill of translation.

Steps to order localization

You can place a translation order in any convenient way: by phone, online, or when visiting the office in person. The cost of work is negotiated on an individual basis after approval of the glossary and the preliminary plan of activities. We guarantee each client:

  • Individual approach. Your site is always a priority for us, so the best employees will be allocated to work with it, who will quickly, efficiently and inexpensively translate and localize the site.
  • The best prices. The cost is discussed individually, but will always be available to customers who want to raise the company's level.
  • Any type of work. Cooperation can be conducted online or in an office form, at the request of the client. If you are not comfortable constantly coming to the office, all questions can be resolved remotely.

Website localization: why our services?

By ordering our services for localization and translation of your website it means to get high-quality service in the shortest possible time. Every client who applies to our company receives the attention of the best specialists in the country, a convenient way of working, and the most favorable prices. At the end of the cooperation, you will receive a fully translated website along with a mobile app adapted, like the main portal, to the target audience of a particular country.
The process of translation and localization becomes an integral element of cross-cultural relations, and therefore it is impossible to allow a dismissive attitude to work. The success of a company among potential buyers depends largely on the proper localization of a web resource. We will do the translation on a high level and a good price, so if you need competent specialists, call Azwords!

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