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    -translation of documents from Ukrainian to Polish -
    - with courier delivery from Ukraine to Poland -
    - apostille for Ukrainian documents -
    - remote request for duplicates of Registry Office documents-
    - certification by a Ukrainian notary or by a seal of the office -

    Translation of documents in Poland


    Why are we confident about translation quality?

    In the course of our work we have become experts in the field of translations and are trusted by corporations and individuals. Professionalism is facilitated by:

    • the transfer is carried out under the supervision of a subject matter expert;
    • we use a tandem of manual translation and advanced technology;
    • for highly specialized areas, a glossary is compiled to improve quality;
    • we can do a 1:1 translation with the source;
    • always working to replenish the translation memory.

    Why do customers trust us?

    If you need translation of documents into Polish, we are the one to recommend. We are one of the leading translation agencies, which has been operating for many years, and we always strive to guarantee a professional approach. Each of our translators is a high-level specialist, thanks to which we vouch for the quality. If there are any difficulties with the translation we make changes for free.

    We are trusted by private clients and large corporations, and our work meets the highest quality standards. Translation time takes from 1 hour to 3 days, and we strive to choose the most favorable conditions. Everything depends on complexity and volume. If you need an approximate translation it will be much cheaper than a precise technical translation with notary seal. Cooperating with us you get the following advantages:

    • High quality. You will be sure that your documents will be translated without errors.
    • A full range of services. You will not need to separately apply to the state authorities or a notary.
    • Loyal conditions. We will tell you at once how much it costs to translate your documents in Poland, and we will choose the best conditions.

    What is the geography of our work?

    Whether you need a notarial translation or a medical translation, you can use our services anywhere in Poland. Everything takes place online, including the ability to transmit the results of your work online – this contributes to the fact that you can order from anywhere in the world.

    We will make a notarial translation that will be relevant to any state institutions in Poland or other European countries. We guarantee a professional translation, no matter where you are – leave an application or call us.

    We send finished translations in electronic form in the form of scans with the attestation of Ukrainian notary or the stamp of the office. If you need printed translations with wet seals – we send them to Poland by courier service

    translation services in Poland, apostille for certificates

    What documents do we translate?

    We will professionally translate educational documents that will help you to get a smooth admission. List of educational documents we can translate:
    • Translation of bachelor’s and master’s degrees
    • Translation of the certificate
    • Translation of the certificate of complete secondary education
    • Translation of the report card
    • Translation of ZNO grades.
    It is these documents that will confirm your identity in Poland. List of certificates that we can translate:
    • Translation of the birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Death certificate
    • Certificate of name change
    These documents are important evidence of your health or health problems, so a quality translation is needed. List of medical documents we can translate:
    • Translation of a medical certificate
    • Translation of a medical statement
    • Translation of a medical prescription.
    One of our core activities, we will help you perform technical translations. The list of powers of attorney we can translate:
    • Translation of the power of attorney for a car
    • Translation of power of attorney of sale
    • Translation of the power of attorney for the child’s departure
    • Translation of power of attorney to open a bank account.

    Why an online translation agency?

    Everything is rapidly moving into the online sphere. Translations are no exception. If you need a translation of your marriage certificate, birth certificate or any other important document in Poland, all you have to do is contact us in any convenient way. You will not need to go anywhere.

    Absolutely no localization, you can contact us from any city in Poland. Documents are delivered online after translation and notarization, also we can send documents by mail with delivery in about a week. Online translation of documents in Poland is:

    Reliable. With us you can be sure that you will receive a document with a translation on time and it will not be transferred to third parties.
    Professional. We do not work with beginners or freelancers, only specialists with experience and appropriate education work on translations.
    Available. Translation of passports, diplomas and other documents is available, regardless of your location.
    Fast. You will receive a document with a translation in up to 3 days, depending on its volume and complexity.
    The starting price for a translation is from 250 UAH. We will be able to name the final price when we estimate the complexity, volume and necessity of notarization. Notarization by Ukrainian notary 300 UAH or certification by the seal of the office 100 UAH
    Passport translation:
    Translation of the reference:
    Translation of the certificate:
    Translation of diplomas, certificates:
     from 300 UAH
     from 250 UAH
     from 300 UAH
     from 300 UAH
     from 300 UAH
    Translation of constituent documents:
    Certificate translation:
    Translation of the contract:
    Power of Attorney Translation:
    Translation of the child’s exit application:
     from 1000 UAH
     from 250 UAH
     from 800 UAH
     from 600 UAH
     from 400 UAH

    Translation from Ukrainian to Polish under the guidance of professionals

    Our company is a team of qualified translators, who value their reputation, have extensive experience and can accurately translate the necessary documents. We provide a guarantee for each translation. An indicator of quality is the fact that our clients become regular customers. We work with refugees and other persons who for certain reasons have found themselves in Poland.

    How do we achieve the desired result?

    • ➢ We involve only specialist translators with experience in a particular field in the execution process.
    • ➢ The text or document must be translated, proofread and edited.
    • ➢ We use glossaries to achieve a quality translation using terminology.
    • ➢ If there is a need, we provide a 1:1 translation with the original.

    We are confident in our abilities, so you can be sure of a competent and fast translation. Standard translation takes from 1 hour to 3 days. Everything is discussed individually. You save your own time, because there is no need to go to the state authorities or notary in person.

    At the same time, by choosing us, you always save money. There are discounts for refugees, regular customers and for large volumes. We not only offer translations of documents or texts into Polish, but also into English, German and Turkish.

    Always available for you

    We work 24/7, so even in case of urgent need you can count on the qualified support of our interpreters. We are ready to provide you with consultations on all matters of interest. Taking into account our work schedule you can count on urgent translation. The quality of our services satisfies even the most demanding users. We are available for clients from all over Poland: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Krakow, Lodz.

    In addition, we can remotely apostille Ukrainian documents from the Registry Office, for example, if you need to make a duplicate of the documents and put an apostille on it. To order the service call us or leave an application on the website.

    Answers to popular questions

    Where to order translation of documents from Ukrainian into Polish in Poland?

    To order translation of documents from Ukrainian into Polish you do not need to go anywhere, you just need to contact our specialists online. We will always provide advice on matters of interest.

    How much does a document translation cost in Poland?

    The standard cost of a document translation starts from 160 hryvnias per document. The price depends on the volume and complexity, but we always strive to achieve the best conditions of cooperation.

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