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    Translation of documents in Turkey


    Why is our translation the best?

    Thousands of documents translated and the desire to always remain the best contributes to the fact that the quality can satisfy the most demanding private and corporate clients. The following factors contribute to the high quality of translation:

    • we have only specialist interpreters on our staff;
    • when translating, we practice an individual approach in order to achieve the best results;
    • advanced technologies are used in the work, which speeds up the process of work and improves quality;
    • we collect a glossary for highly specialized fields to use special terms;
    • if necessary, we can provide a 1:1 source with the original;
    • we are replenishing the translation memory, so that every day the quality of services will improve.

    Why do our customers trust us?

    More and more often refugees, workers and other Ukrainians in Turkey order documents translation into Turkish with us. This is facilitated by the team of professionals on our staff, which ensures an individual approach to the work and a quality guarantee for each client without deadlines. Each translation performed by our experts meets strict international standards – no machine translation.

    You will get accurate and high-quality translation using advanced technology and modern programs – this improves quality and speeds up your work. We provide comprehensive services with a focus on client needs. Despite this approach, we manage to keep the cost of services affordable. We are trusted not only by private individuals who need translation of marriage certificates but also by large corporations ordering notarized translations of foreign documents. In addition, you will get the following advantages:

    • we perform work of varying complexity – the type of document does not matter;
    • we can perform urgent translation of documents in Turkey;
    • our prices are able to pleasantly surprise.

    The geography of our office

    Accessibility is one of the important advantages of our office. You do not need to go anywhere at all, you can order the translation of technical texts or various documents in Turkey completely remotely. Including, you will also receive the results remotely via e-mail or messengers Teheram, Viber, Vatsap. If you need printed documents with wet seals, in that case, a postal courier delivery is provided.

    The only condition for cooperation with us is availability of Internet, and being in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya or other city of Turkey – it does not matter. You only need to call us or leave an application on the website, and all the rest of the work will be done by our specialists.

    translation services in Turkey

    What type of documents can we translate?

    Professionally translated educational documents are an extra help for your admission to Turkish universities. We are able to translate the following documents:
    • Translation of bachelor’s and master’s degrees
    • Translation of the certificate
    • Translation of the certificate of complete secondary education
    • Translation of the report card
    • Translation of ZNO grades.
    Various certificates are an important type of document that we translate, for example, if you need documents for a visa. We can perform:
    • Translation of the birth certificate
    • Translation of the marriage certificate
    • Translation of the death certificate
    • Translation of the certificate of name change.
    If you want to properly communicate your diagnosis or prove your health, you need translation of medical documents. We can translate the following documents:
    • Translation of a medical certificate
    • Translation of a medical statement
    • Translation of a medical prescription.
    Powers of attorney are one of the main areas of our activity. We can perform technical translations of the following documents:
    • Translation of the power of attorney for a car
    • Translation of power of attorney for sale
    • Translation of the power of attorney for the child’s departure.

    Why Online Ordering

    With us, if you need a translation of a Ukrainian diploma, a birth certificate or a power of attorney into Turkish, you don’t need to leave the expanse of your own home, let alone the country. The advantage of the Online Translation Agency is that you only need to make a call or leave a request at our website, and all the rest of the work will be done by qualified specialists.

    You can use our services no matter in what city of Turkey you are now – there is no reference to the location. You can also highlight the following advantages of online bureau from Ukrainian to Turkish:

    Reliability. Everything happens online, so you can remotely transmit and receive documents, and we guarantee quality translation and confidentiality.
    Professionalism. The staff consists only of experienced employees with specialized education, so the quality will please even the most demanding customer.
    Accessibility. Translation of a diploma, passport or any other document will be available from anywhere in Turkey.
    Speed. Time from document delivery to the result - from 1 hour to 3 days, depending on the complexity and amount of work.
    We always strive to achieve an affordable price for the services we provide, even if it is a medical translation. The starting price starts from 250 UAH for a document translation, but the final price we can name only to specify the volume of the type of certification: notary = 300 UAH, the seal of the office = 100 UAH
    Passport translation:
    Translation of the certificate:
    Translation of the certificate:
    Translation of diplomas, certificates:
     from 300 UAH
     from 250 UAH
     from 300 UAH
     from 300 UAH
     from 300 UAH
    Translation of constituent documents:
    Certificate translation:
    Translation of the contract:
    Power of Attorney Translation:
    Translation of the application for departure of a child:
     from 1000 UAH
     from 300 UAH
     from 800 UAH
     from 600 UAH
     from 400 UAH

    Translation of documents from Ukrainian to Turkish by experts

    We are not just a translation agency, but a team of professionals, who translate documents of any complexity. We employ only highly qualified employees, including linguists, native speakers, editors and proofreaders.

    We were able to achieve a positive reputation due to the fact that we practice the principle of multilevel work with the text, including verification by several specialists – this minimizes the likelihood of error. And in case there is one, we will correct it free of charge. We carry out apostille placement on Ukrainian documents from the Registry Office.

    Accessibility in all things

    Despite the professional approach, the cost of document translation services from Ukrainian to Turkish is quite affordable. The affordability of our services is also due to the fact that we accept orders by e-mail – you do not need to do anything but submit an application and hand us the documents.

    Absolutely any, even the most complex assignment will not be an obstacle for our experts – we deliver exceptionally on time. This is facilitated not only by our experience, but also by the use of modern technology in our work.

    And, of course, we strictly observe the confidentiality of all information for clients. We work with refugees, workers and other persons who for some reason ended up in Turkey. We also work with corporate clients.

    We work 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you can order an urgent translation. Our services are available to residents of different cities of Turkey: Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Alanya and other cities. If you want to use our services please contact us in any convenient way. We also translate documents into English, Polish and German.

    Answers to popular questions

    Where to order translation of documents from Ukrainian into Polish in Turkey?

    Regardless of the reason you are in Turkey, you can order translation of documents simply by calling or leaving an application on the website.

    How much does a document translation cost in Turkey?

    The price for translation of documents from Ukrainian into Turkish depends on dozens of factors, including volume, complexity, specification, etc. The starting price – from 160 hryvnia per document. For regular and corporate clients – discounts.

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